Champagne Soaked Days…

Marion Morehouse and Helen Lyons, photographed by Edward Steichen, 1926.

Imagine 1926: All of the women have pin curls in their hair, wear bright red lipstick and carry more accessories than their tiny purses can possibly know what to do with. There is simply nothing better to do in the summer than sit outside and sip champagne all day. That is, if your baue isn’t too busy to take you out sailing. What a beautiful golden time.

Old Wedding Photo Friday (Sorta)!

These photos are from the 1935 Harper’s Bazzar. I’m not sure what the original feature was about. But the gowns in it are just amazing! Please enjoy!

Victor Steibel's white satin-striped chiffon, shirred at the hips above a full, misty skirt.


Wedding gown and veil made entirely of tulle, yards of it, pleated, the color of old family lace. Hattie Carnegie Ready to Wear.


I think their hair style's are just to die for. A couple whirling together, she in Mainbocher. Behind her, dancing in Mainbocher's printed crepe. Semi-seated, Heim's pale flowered taffeta. Seated, Heim's black chiffon.