So Blue…

Yay for home improvement projects!!! My husband and I have had these three tables since the very beginning of college. And, seven moves and some time spent outside has left them less than ideal looking. I had been thinking about painting them for a long time, but hadn’t found any inspiration for a paint color/style.

But, thanks to Pinterst I found inspiration!

Via Little Green Notebook

Via Little Green Notebook

Let’s talk about why this picture is so perfect! The color combination is fresh and happy while still feeling luxurious and classy! This color could work in any room of my house.I’m also obsessed with gold hardware right now. I just freaking love it!

So here is what they looked like before:


The small table on the left is the one that I painted. It was in the worst shape out of all of them from being left outside for a while.


This set of coffee tables was the first piece of furniture I ever purchased for myself before moving to Chicago. This table has burn marks, water rings and bite marks from my dog when she was a puppy.


Another angle of the same table. I don’t have a before picture of the smaller version of this coffee table (BAD BLOGGER!).

I rough sanded the tops of the tables a little, applied two coats of the Galapagos Turquoise semi gloss paint and primer. Then I applied a two coats of Minwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane. The quick dry didn’t seem very quick, but what do I know.

And now, for the transformation!


This is the smaller version! It’s hard to see the color, but you get the idea. This is a little nook I make in the dining room.




No knob yet, but the color is perfect! You can’t tell at all that this was almost a trashed piece of furniture.


Doesn’t it look great with the duvet cover?


The bigger coffee table. I love the white tray with it! I should have used a wood fill for the very obvious hole. Oh well, live and learn.



I think it looks great with all the yellow I’ve added around the house, too!

My photography skills aren’t great (obviously). But, you get the general idea. It’s sorta a subtle difference, but it has totally changed the way I think about these three pieces of furniture. I’m still working on finding the ideal hardware for these pieces.

Now if only I could redo the hideous sofa just as easily!


Color Your World

I love home decor that is bright and full of life. These photographs by Rachel Whiting, are so perfectly vintage and feminine. I imagine the person who lives here is an artist in a small flat in an old world city. I especially love the pink bike!

The Beautiully Bright Home of A Fashion Designer

Welcome to the stunning home of Ariane Goldman. It is bright and clean and most of all feels completely unique and free to create in. The patterns are fun and bold against an all white canvas. Love, Love, Love!

The home of fashion designer Ariane Goldman founder of Hatch Collection

The home of fashion designer Ariane Goldman founder of Hatch Collection

The home of fashion designer Ariane Goldman founder of Hatch Collection

The home of fashion designer Ariane Goldman founder of Hatch Collection

The home of fashion designer Ariane Goldman founder of Hatch Collection

The home of fashion designer Ariane Goldman founder of Hatch Collection

The home of fashion designer Ariane Goldman founder of Hatch Collection

The home of fashion designer Ariane Goldman founder of Hatch Collection

The home of fashion designer Ariane Goldman founder of Hatch Collection

via: Jelanie


A Seating Solution

Having people over for the holidays? Live in a less than ideal apartment with a less than ideal amount of seating? Going to Target today to buy some folding chairs?

Well then I’ve got (Well Design For Mankind has got it!) the perfect solution to maintaining your chic home style while still being able to temporarily seat guests.


There is literally nothing complicated about this project. It’s just old chairs, paint, fabric and very basic tools! I think I’m going to do this to a folding card table as well! Check out the original post for full details on this project! Yay for very practical and beautifying DIYs!

via: Design for Mankind


DIY Book Headboard! WHAT?!?!

Oh my goodness! This is so wonderful, and almost magical. Who wouldn’t want a headboard made of books? MMMM… I’m in love…. For the full tutorial (which is so easy it’s sick) check out Design Every Day! I wonder if my husband will let me do this…



New Apartment… No Time…

Hello everyone! I’m so sorry I’ve been gone so long. I’ve really had a crazy week. My husband and I just moved into a new apartment and man is that a lot of work. I have a hard time relaxing with all the boxes everywhere, so literally all of my time in the last two days that was not spent working or sleeping I’ve been packing,moving and then unpacking it all again. I’m thrilled to be in the new place. It is so big compared to my last tiny dwelling. I’ll post pictures as soon as I can get somethings organized, just so you all can get an idea of what I’m tackling here.

But, in the mean time, here are a few of the most inspiring living rooms I’ve come across.


Love Pink, I just wish my husband did too. Sign.

ceiling medallions


Duncan style sofa, garden-inspired

cottage living

amazing coffee table. loving the pops of color in this room. what a gorgeous palette.

that chair.


I hope you kinda get the similarities in all of these photos. I am thrilled by really vintage shapes and woods. I love bright, bold and sometimes almost Latin inspired colors. And I love a very clean base to put it all on. It all comes together very happy and fun while still being very relaxed and clean.

Check out my For the Home board on Pinterest to see so much more! I can’t wait to get decorating!

Face Lift: This Console Isn’t Boring Any More

Happy Wednesday! So I’ve finally done it! I’ve painted that ugly entry table. This is what the table looked like before.


You can see here how junky and cluttered it looks (oh look, there are those sunglasses that broke. Sad).

I debated so many colors for so long. This was my original color inspiration.

I have this map poorly framed on a wall in the living room.


I thought about a variety or reds, yellows, white or of white and even green. Then I read this post on Apartment Therapy on the color of the year for 2012. Neadless to say I was inspired.


Tangerine Tango


Now, this isn’t exactly the color I wound up with. I may have liked this better than what I wound up with. Remember the pinwheels I made a few weeks ago that are on the wall next to this console table. Well the paper I ended up finding for those is way more orange than tangerine tango.

It doesn't look so orange here, but it is.

Anyway, I took a piece of the paper to the paint store and had them match it. Perfect! Then I got a really fun knob at Anthropologie. Done and Done.

This pictures are not great.

I need new fake flowers for this vase.


I got a shredder for Christmas, it made my life of cluttered paper so much better.


I replaced the cluttered mess that was on this shelf with my lovely magazine racks and some of my prettiest hardback books.

Here is an updated picture of my pinwheel wall. It’s not quite done, I need about four or five more.

The lighting in this picture is weird, but I added so many more.


Anyway, I’m really happy with how this little previously boring cluttered corner has developed. I’m working on sort of clearing out all of the clutter and generally living with less. I’m re-reading Apartment Therapy: The 8 Step Home Cure. And, really trying to find peace and happiness in my apartment. I’m trying to get things organized and really get rid of a lot of stuff. There has to be more space in this apartment!

Have a great day folks!