Old Wedding Photo Friday!

Elizabeth Taylor at her first wedding to Conrad Hilton, 1950 (via Life Magazine)

Elizabeth Taylor at her first wedding to Conrad Hilton, 1950. Via Life Magazine.

Alone in the middle of a crowd…

Photo by Ralph Crane, Time Life Pictures


Like no one else is around…

Week 19: Yes, the GAP, again.

Don’t judge me. I can’t help it. I love the GAP! The Uplifting Bra Sale Event ends on Wednesday May 9th, so you have time to get there. Trust me it is a great deal. All of the bras were $25 and most of them normally priced over $40.

Just a few days ago I walked into the GAP to look for jeans and I saw this new set that I thought I just had to have, but it was too expensive, so I thought I’d just wait until it went on sale. Sure enough there it was pretty and pink and sort of vintage. LOVE!

What I Got:

The bra is the Point d’esprit longline plunge demi bra, which is a part of their ‘Favorite Plunge’ collection. It is very pale pink (so I think I’ll be able to wear it under white) with little bitty polka dots in the lace. The band is a little bit thicker with some lace coming down below. It is sort of a french style and super feminine!

The bra is made of 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex. It should be handwashed in cold. It was originally priced at $44.50, and it’s advertised online as $35. But, I got it for $25! What a steal!

The panties are the Point d’esprit girl shorts (I’ve recently come to appreciate the boyshort style a lot more. It really did used to be my least favorite style of pantie). They are made of the same nylon spandex blend as the bra, but they can be machine washed. They were not on sale, but were not badly priced at $14.50.

I think this set is so very very pretty! Please go to the GAP and find your new favorite set. I promise you wont be disappointed.

Old Wedding Photo Friday!

Recognize this beautiful young bride? It’s everyone’s favorite homemaking guru, Martha Stewart! She’s 19 here, and according to this link her waist was only 19 inches. Mine wasn’t 19 inches at 19 and it certainly isn’t close to that now. Enjoy!

Love the Pill Box Veil

Review Week 17: Four Stars

Week 17 was my sort of come to Jesus week, where I was really trying to rally and get myself back into this project. Well, it worked. This is one of my favorite sets. Anthropologie is absolutely one of my favorite places to be at any given time. While, I can’t afford anything there I really do just love to be surrounded by all of the beautiful and inspiring things in life. And, this set makes me feel that way too.

The set is totally comfortable for all day wear. Well, that is if your day doesn’t involve any sweating. I work in a very hot busy restaurant (Ugh, she’s talking about waitressing again, geez when will this girl stop complaining about her job) and the little non slip bands across the front and bottom don’t feel good when your sweating. But, when I’m not working they feel just great.

I do think that this set may not work for everyone. There is no way to adjust the width (like with most bras). So, if you’re not exactly that size you’re kinda screwed. But, all in all I love it, and have worn it more often in the last few weeks than any of my others.

By the way, GAP is having a huge sale today on Bras! I’m going. I don’t care what you think of me.

Happy Friday!

Vintage Lingerie Inspiration

I love Dust Jacket Attic! She posts the most beautiful shoots from magazine’s that I would have other wise never seen. She lives in Australia, and from what she posts, loves vintage inspired editorial shoots. This photo is fromĀ  Shop Till You Drop AU called “Here’s Looking At You, Kid”.


Photography by Nick Scott, Styling by Jesse Hart