On A Budget? We’ve Got You Covered

Everyone has a wedding budget. Whether itsy bitsy or grand and ever growing, every wedding has a budget. You can spend astronomical amounts of money on every detail of the wedding if you have the means. But, the ‘less is more’ mantra is seemingly more popular all the time. Small intimate indie weddings are becoming more and more popular, and certainly are becoming more and more appreciated by the wedding industry. Being a DIY bride is something of an achievement, and the more personal your details the more memorable your day for your guests.

So, today we are featuring some great colorful DIY budget ideas that guests will love and always remember.

Common bright flowers in vintage tins are a great affordable way to do your own center pieces.


Bright colorful Gum Balls and M&Ms in decorative mason jars make great additons to a dessert table. And, the kids wont complain.


Ribbons! Ribbons are so affordable and easy to hang just about anywhere. They are perfect because you can color match them exactly in a variety of textures.


These ribbon wands are used when the bride and groom are annouced husband and wife. This would be so fun with such a great photo opp.


This couple used berries and plant heads as escort card decoration. These are so organic looking and the colors are just amazing.


Using the wedding party bouquets as head table centerpieces cuts back on floral costs, and keeps the bouqets looking gorgeous throughout. And, garden variety flowers are more affordable than others, especially when they're in season.


Centerpieces from potted plants is a great way to get the most bang for your buck. You can give the centerpieces away as favors, or plant them in the yard after the wedding. I lvoe this table cloth.

There are so many great budget savvy ideas out there. Please share your favorites.



Week 8 Review: Four Stars

Week 8 was purchased from Nordstrom Rack. It is really beautiful. Overall I gave it four stars because of the comfort and style of it. Is it the most comfortable set I own? No. But, it is definitely the most comfortable most stylish set. It is incredibly sexy and fun. The bright fuchsia color does make it more difficult to wear under everything, but the fit if great.

To me, half the comfort is how much I love the way I look in it. If I’ve got on drab nude under things, I am not nearly as confident about my sexy factor as I am when I’m wearing something hot pink and lacy. This is not to say that actual comfort isn’t exceptionally important too.

The band on the bra was a little bit itchy the first time I wore it. I have sort of sensitive skin in the winter, so it could have been just me. But after I washed it didn’t bother me anymore. The bra fit GREAT! The lift was just right for everyday wear.

The panties are also very comfortable. Though, I could have stood for them to be just a little bit smaller. The band was just right at the start of the day. But, over the course of a few hours it did stretch out a little. I’ve found this happens with a lot of panties, but normally if they are a little snug after being washed they fit perfect after an hour (It’s like jeans).

Over all though, I’m thrilled with Betsy Johnson! She really does make beautiful flattering things, and who doesn’t love a hot pink bra and panty?

I would buy this one again!

P.S. I know I’ve been really lackadaisical about writing reviews. Thank you for your patience. I am still waiting for Week 7 to arrive. They took it straight to the UPS center, they wouldn’t give my package to my husband. So, now I have to trek all the way down there to try to get it. So far, this ordering online thing is not worth it.


Perfectly Pink

What can a person say about the color pink? I could probably say a lot, it is my favorite. I love everything about it. I love the way I look in it (although surprisingly I don’t wear a lot of it), I love the way it looks in rooms, I love the way it makes me feel and I really love the way it makes other people feel.

I think it is probably the happiest most whimsical color there is. I think it can be glamorous and sexy. It is youthful and timeless. It is perfect. And, it is especially perfect for a wedding.

Love This Gown


For the Groom


I love Dahlias!


I love different styled dresses, even different tones


Antique Roses. Very Romantic.






Gorgeous Bold Table Scape


Hot Pink and Navy. Very Regal.


Love All The Feathery Petals


Such Gorgeous Details. Such Soft Colors Make Me Swoon


Such a lovely place setting. So whimsical.


Eclectic and Simple Bridesmaid Dresses


Bright Pop of Color! So Fun!


Such Beautiful Water Color Stationary


Love these details.


Old Wedding Photo Friday!

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz eloped in November of 1940 in Connecticut. They purchased the rings right before the ceremony.


Eloping with Desi was the most daring thing I ever did in my life. I never fell in love with anyone quite so fast. He was very handsome and romantic. But he also frightened me, he was so wild. I knew I shouldn’t marry him, but that was one of the biggest attractions.

15 Years!

Face Lift: This Console Isn’t Boring Any More

Happy Wednesday! So I’ve finally done it! I’ve painted that ugly entry table. This is what the table looked like before.


You can see here how junky and cluttered it looks (oh look, there are those sunglasses that broke. Sad).

I debated so many colors for so long. This was my original color inspiration.

I have this map poorly framed on a wall in the living room.


I thought about a variety or reds, yellows, white or of white and even green. Then I read this post on Apartment Therapy on the color of the year for 2012. Neadless to say I was inspired.


Tangerine Tango


Now, this isn’t exactly the color I wound up with. I may have liked this better than what I wound up with. Remember the pinwheels I made a few weeks ago that are on the wall next to this console table. Well the paper I ended up finding for those is way more orange than tangerine tango.

It doesn't look so orange here, but it is.

Anyway, I took a piece of the paper to the paint store and had them match it. Perfect! Then I got a really fun knob at Anthropologie. Done and Done.

This pictures are not great.

I need new fake flowers for this vase.


I got a shredder for Christmas, it made my life of cluttered paper so much better.


I replaced the cluttered mess that was on this shelf with my lovely magazine racks and some of my prettiest hardback books.

Here is an updated picture of my pinwheel wall. It’s not quite done, I need about four or five more.

The lighting in this picture is weird, but I added so many more.


Anyway, I’m really happy with how this little previously boring cluttered corner has developed. I’m working on sort of clearing out all of the clutter and generally living with less. I’m re-reading Apartment Therapy: The 8 Step Home Cure. And, really trying to find peace and happiness in my apartment. I’m trying to get things organized and really get rid of a lot of stuff. There has to be more space in this apartment!

Have a great day folks!